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      all about coupons!

With our competitive advertising industry, the average person is exposed to over 5000 advertising messages per day.


So how do YOU stand out?

Coupons can be considered as a very dynamic method of advertising as the coupon itself encourages potential customers to shop with you while giving the shopper a sense of achievement through having stretched their Rand that much further.

What is in it for me (as a retailer)?

Coupons are an interactive promotional medium. This innovative channel helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Demonstrating sensitivity to the tough economic climate You can claim empathy from your customer by offering particular discounts. This obviously could lead to sales you may not otherwise have made.
Relationship building
Coupon redemptiion is so interactive, it assists with building loyalty and attraction towards your store
Price Elasticity
You can stimulate sales by providing slightly discounted prices to more price-sensitive consumers, while maintaining standard shelf prices for walk-in consumers. You maintain your existing sales, while possibly making additional sales you would otherwise not have made.
Stock Clearance
Coupons can help you move slow-selling stock, improving cash flow and provide space for new stock.

Our Unique Coupon Booklet concept
provides the consumer/ shopper with a multitude of savings while the advertiser enjoys the benefits of inexpensive
marketing costs.

What is in it for the consumers?

Consumers who regularly use coupons claim that organising and accumulating coupons has been a problem. Customers like the coupons but not the cutting. The glossy perforated booklet format solves this matter.
The discounts offered will ensure that the booklet will be kept for the validity period of the offerings and longer for reference.


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