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The Coupon Company™ specialises in coupon booklets - a dynamic and unique initiative. The up-market, high quality, glossy booklet can be branded and modified to your specifications to help you achieve your marketing objectives in the most cost-effective and successful manner possible.

We liaise with tenants (store- and area managers / owners) to help compile a booklet that consists of effective discount coupons that anyone can benefit from. Once the coupon has been finalised we design the artwork for each participant.

When all the artwork has been confirmed/proof-read and signed off, we print the booklet and deliver it to your door - a full circle marketing solution, nationwide!


Ultimately, this marketing concept results in an unbeatable solution as the discount prompts the consumer/end-user to do business with you while giving the consumer a sense of achievement through having stretched their Rand that much further. In addition our coupon booklet initiative provides the consumer/ end-user with a multitude of savings while the
advertisers/participants enjoy the benefits of inexpensive marketing costs with extra mileage (dependant on redemption periods stipulated) as well as the convenience of relying on us to do all the work!


This project is so versatile that it can be utilised in conjunction with almost any marketing campaign/event/fundraiser!

Simply, The Coupon Company acts as a catalyst for effective & successful marketing!

Our coupon booklet is a flexible marketing tool that can be used to:

Create/maintain brand awareness
Attract new clientele from competitors
Launch New Products/Services
Measure the effectiveness of your advertising
Maintain market share by rewarding loyal customers (introduce/enhance loyalty programmes)
Prompt clientele to buy additional items that carry a full
profit margin
Assist with achieving objectives for initiatives/projects/ drives/events

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